Planning and consultancy

  • Analysis and stock control
  • Establishing the requirements of the households (door to door)
  • Evaluating the public service
  • Consultancy
  • Creating an individual strategy

Publicity work and communication

  • Creation of information media such as:
    • Waste collection calendar
    • Guide for waste separation
    • Public information
  • Identification of the waste and recycling containers using:
    • Embossed designs, labels, numbers
    • logos, badges

Distribution service

  • Planning, organisation and documentation
  • Creation of distribution lists
  • Assembly and distribution in the area of operation
  • Arrangements for intermediate storage
  • Telephone services (call centre)

Identification Systems

  • Producer based billing systems


Container management

  • Data-supported management of the container stock
  • Rationalisation of waste collection
  • Container exchange and spares provision
  • Maintenance and repair of containers
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the containers
  • Incorporation of the containers into the customer's warehouse
  • Optimisation of the container stock
  • Recycling of containers



  • Innovative financing solutions for the procurement of the equipment you require


Information and Consulting
Information and Consulting

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The main Waste Technology catalogue
The main Waste Technology catalogue

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