The manufacturing cycle in our society produces large volumes of waste. Every day, around the globe. This waste also contains valuable resources for tomorrow. Because raw materials are becoming ever more scarce and therefore more expensive, many parts of what we consider waste are materials that help us secure a better future.

This requires integrated, intelligent waste management concepts that are suitable for collecting recyclable materials separately, in addition to non-recyclable waste, and returning them to the manufacturing cycle.  In developing new types of disposal systems, SSI SCHAEFER has adopted a leading innovative role and has set new standards..

For our customers we develop system solutions that meet their needs around the world, that reduce the mountain of waste and increase general welfare. Solutions that pay dividends for our environment and our customers: This is because if organised correctly, waste can become valuable materials again.

Separate collections at the point of origin mean that waste can become usable materials that can be put back into useful circulation with a carefully designed recycling system. This permits a reduction in waste volume of more than 70%. 

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