Naturally our large product range also includes a large selection of accessories and spare parts.

Whether closing systems, custom printing, additional insert slots in different sizes or product add-ons in the ergonomic and the safety area: SSI SCHAEFER is the perfect partner.

Applications shown here are examples from our range of accessories. Should you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Noise Insulation


User-friendly, low-noise SSI SCHAEFER containers can be filled at any time of day.

Since 2000 there has been a new European noise prevention regulation. Waste containers with no noise insulation can only be emptied and filled between 7.00am and 20.00pm.

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Locking systems

The range of various closing systems is large and well proven in service. SSI SCHAEFER develops the functional, retrofitable closing systems for many different types of containers in house.

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Embossing and Identification

Mark your bins with your town's coat of arms, logo or other embossed symbols. This cost-effective individual marking clearly assigns the bins to your own system.

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MGB Special Versions

Operational systems in industry, shops and factories vary widely. Collection of refuse must, correspondingly, be differently organised. The wide range of different containers offered by SSI SCHAEFER enables individual solutions for the efficient collection of the different refuse fractions.

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Which accessories are appropriate is determined by the subsequent use of the containers everyday. We will be happy to discuss which of these are right for you in a personal consultancy meeting.

Spare parts

Our containers are exceptionally robust and made from the highest quality material. We are proud of the quality and the long service life of our products. However, should any parts get damaged, you can, of course, also obtain all the relevant spare parts from SSI SCHAEFER.


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Information and Consulting

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