The Highland Council is a large mainly rural area with its most populated area being Inverness, the population in the whole of the region is 221,630 with 58,963 being found in Inverness city, the total number of households in the region is 101,833. In early 2012, the Inverness area was distributed approximately 35,000 two wheeled bins to give householders a dry mixed recycling service offering a collection of paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles on a fortnightly collection.

Highland Council

The Highland Council

Country:  Great Britain
Municipality:  Highland Council
Population:  221,630
Contact:   Graham MacDonald 

Waste bin


  • To achieve or exceed recycling targets.
  • To offer a dry mixed recycling collection to the Inverness and surrounding area.

This was to be achieved by moving the service to fortnightly collection of residual / dry mixed recycling materials.

Recommendations / Technical Advice

All bins were purchased through the Scotland Excel framework agreement, SSI Schaefer Ltd we successful in winning the supply of containers and distribution to the Inverness area. SSI Schaefer Ltd were present at meetings before, during and after the contact where advice was given in all aspects of the bin manufacturing process and delivery times, distribution and we continually monitoring the operation to ensure its effective completion.


Once the contract was awarded the SSI Schaefer company held several meeting to discuss our requirements and book production capacity to match our distribution needs. The bins were delivered and unloaded by the distribution crews, this process was planned and managed by the SSI Schaefer company with little or no involvement from the Highland Council. The distribution of the bins was on planned and communication of bin numbers delivered was reported on a daily which enabled us to monitor the progress and their distribution team completed the all household deliveries within a tight timescale. As soon as the roll out had been completed the residents could now use their bins and contribute to the Highland Councils recycling rates.


The changeover to Alternate Weekly Collection has meant that collection of mixed dry recyclate has increased from 3458 tonnes in 2010 to 7799 tonnes in 2011 and waste to land ll has reduced from 101290 tonnes to 93331 tonnes for the same period.  With the Inverness area still to changeover, further improvements in recycling are expected.

Information and Consulting
Information and Consulting

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