London Borough of Brent

The London Borough of Brent is based in North-West London with Wembley being the major town. During 2011 the council had a requirement to increase its recycling rate and decided to replace their existing boxes with a wheeled bin.

The council sent out a tender for 90,000 x 240L grey bodied/ blue lidded wheeled bins with a requirement to distribute the bins to individual houses throughout the borough over a 6 week period.

Wappen: London Borough of Brent

London Borough of Brent

Country:  Great Britain
Municipality:  London Borough of Brent  
Population  257,000   
Contact:   Mr. Chris Whyte

Großmülltonne (schwarz mit blauem Deckel) von SSI SCHÄFER


The aim of the system was as follows:

  • To achieve a higher recycling rate.
  • To remove £1M from the council’s waste disposal costs.
  • To provide more households with more opportunity to recycle their waste.

Recommendations / Technical Advice

During the procurement process, advice was given to the council about the quality and longevity exoected in a wheeled bin from SSI Schaefer. 
Procuring a wheeled bin which conformed to the RAL-GZ standard as well as the EN840 standard was just one of the factors that the council decided to opt for. In summary they wanted to concentrate on the cost of ownership of the bin against cheaper wheeled bin manufacturers.


Once the contract had been awarded to SSI Schaefer, several meetings were held to discuss the distribution of the wheeled bins which took place between September and October 2011 and over a six week period.
This process was planned and co-ordinated by SSI Schaefer and the members of the council and because it was so well planned the distribution was completed a week early.


Since the introduction of the wheeled bins the recycling rate for the London Borough of Brent increased immediately from 30% to 42%.
The council have achieved their full savings target of £1M per annum.

Information and Consulting
Information and Consulting

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