The town of Freudenberg in Germany, a rural community, is responsible for the disposal of waste in their town. As part of a European tendering process, the town as the customer and bid tendering office in bid 1 awarded the contract for the collection of non-recyclable waste, biodegradable waste, bulky waste and used paper including recycling. This bid also included the container stocktaking and container updating service. Our scope of services in bid 2 was container supply and distribution.

Wappen von Freudenberg

Freudenberg town

Country: Germany
Region: North-Rhine Westfalia
Inhabitants 18,556
Web presence:
Contact partner: Mr Stockhausen

The task

Großmülltonnen bei der Stadt Freudenberg

The container provision was defined in two service packages. Service package 1 includes the supply of approx. 20,000 containers made from plastic including a transponder. The container specifications were given in the sizes of 80 litres, 120 litres, 240 litres and 1100 litres, and in the following designs:

  • Non-recyclable waste containers with anthracite coloured bodies and anthracite coloured or red lid
  • Biodegradable waste containers with anthracite-coloured body and pale blue lid
  • Used paper containers with anthracite-coloured body and sky blue lid

The container quality was defined by DIN EN 840 and the relevant RAL quality assurance mark RAL – GZ 951/1. The transponder to be installed in BDE format 134.2 kHz, "Read Only", permit the unique and forgery-proof identification of the containers.

Service package 2 necessitated the distribution of the containers and allocation to individual properties. In the preliminary stage, all households and business owners were informed about the new system in a letter. At the same time, a postcard campaign with a survey was conducted on the future container stocks and maintained with a software solution developed in-house and prepared for distribution.


Within the specified performance criteria, the town of Freudenberg was recommended to use containers made from 100% new material with the high quality standards conforming to RAL - GZ 951/1. We also suggested using the innovative container generation GMT eXtra with the new and easy-to-use lid system 'ergolid'. In addition to the standard embossed informations, the containers were hot-embossed with a unique design on the body (see photo) in the form of the town crest for the town of Freudenberg.


The implementation was completed in three phases and these followed on directly from one another. The publicity work began 5 months before the distribution date with a survey of the inhabitants and evaluation of the data inventory. The containers were produced in parallel with the distribution, meaning that the allocation was completed within the timeframe set by the customer of 6 weeks.


Awarding the contract for the "removal" of waste is a basic need of inhabitants and communities. In Freudenberg a way was also sought for the separate collection of the waste and recyclable materials efficiently and to recycle the relevant materials. The "population equivalent benchmark" previously used was replaced by a "container benchmark". In addition to increased fairness of fees, the administrative burden in the fees assessment was reduced considerably. With the choice of container size, the inhabitants now have the option to affect their waste costs significantly.

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Returnable container systems in practice
Returnable container systems in practice
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