Would you like to increase the efficiency and reliability of your order picking process even further and find a semi-automatic paper-free solution? Our pick-by-light system offers all these advantages in one:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable user guidance and increase in order picking quality  in comparison to picking by order list
  • Flexible online order processing and exact online stock management (O transit)
  • Stock control via inventory functions

Thanks to the use of pick-by-light, conveyor technology and the proven material flow control can be used to optimise your processes in line with requirements and reduce your logistics costs considerably.

Pick-by-Light: Kommissionieren mit Signallampe am Lagerfach

Pick-by-light systems (one pick face per picking location) are suitable for products with a turnover frequency of 5 to 10 items per day. The attractively priced Multilight (multiple picking locations per Pick Face) is optimised for areas with a low level of turnover frequency.

Reliably correct order picking

The pick-by-light system from SSI SCHAEFER means that you can exclude order picking errors almost entirely: On each storage compartment there is a signal light with a display and at least one acknowledgement button. When the order picking container is at the pick position, the light indicates the correct compartment to the operating staff and the correct number appears on the display. The removal process is also confirmed using an acknowledgement button.

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