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As our business partner, you have a comprehensive spare parts service available around the clock; anywhere in the world you need it. Our range of services covers processing and fulfilling spare parts orders and deliveries, creating spare parts lists and packages, and repairing spare parts. Thanks to our maintenance and on-site service, we also undertake the installation of spare parts.

Your orders are received 24 hours a day. The delivery of the spare parts is undertaken quickly within a guaranteed deadline period and at binding, fixed prices.



With SSI SCHAEFER you have the choice and you can decide between different maintenance models: preventative maintenance checks at defined fixed prices, periodic investigations or maintenance to order, full or supportive functions. In this process, the maintenance we offer is carried out on everything relating to the conveyor technology, from racking through to the storage and retrieval equipment, even if these were not provided by SSI SCHAEFER.

In all cases, the maintenance work is carried out by qualified SSI SCHAEFER personnel, e.g. trade-registered control inspectors. They include conducting visual and acoustic checks on your plant, regardless of whether these are mechanical, electrical or electronic in design.

As part of the maintenance, possible faults can then be rectified by us and where necessary we carry out the required setting work and checks relating to accident prevention regulations. In line with the options on site, we therefore optimise the performance of the entire plant.


Wartung vor Ort durch SSI SCHÄFER-Mitarbeiter

On-site service

If you ever need our technicians on site because a problem cannot be resolved over the telephone or via remote diagnostics access, SSI SCHAEFER is available to you within short and guaranteed response times. To facilitate this, we have multiple service engineers on hand at the same time in all sectors.

Troubleshooting in your company is therefore carried out quickly, efficiently and in line with defined escalation mechanisms. A comprehensive report completes every call-out and provides the necessary transparency


Remote Service

Thanks to the direct connection via VPN, our experts detect possible problematic issues remotely and can resolve these for you. Should it prove necessary for an engineer to come on site, their deployment will be initiated using fixed, defined escalation stages. Short response times come guaranteed from SSI SCHAEFER.

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Information and Consulting

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