Order picking, also known as the process of compiling different articles to create the desired package for dispatch, is the most challenging task in warehouse automation. 90% of this strenuous and largely monotonous task is still performed by staff in the warehouse, because it has not been possible to replace the human eye and the human hand.

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That is until now, because the SSI SCHAEFER order picking robot (SSI Robo-Pick) is the first fully automatic picking cell that can be smoothly integrated into existing warehouse architectures and achieves more than 2,000 picks per hour. It is not necessary to teach-in the articles to be picked, i.e. to enter the individual products with their characteristics and features, or to arrange the articles in a particular position.

Up to now all attempts to automate picking with robots have failed due to the lack of flexibility in picture processing. SSI SCHAEFER has achieved a technological breakthrough with the innovative combination of 3D and 2D image processing. The SSI Robo-Pick image processing is not confused by products that has several layers or in inclined position nor jet black articles, round products or asymmetric or bevelled packages. What is of particular importance is that there is no need to program the individual products beforehand or record their properties. The SSI Robo-Pick makes use of the existing allocations of transport units and articles in automated warehouses to ensure that the customer receives the correct articles. Each carton, tray or container - in other words the load carrier - is always allocated to one specific article.

This means that SSI SCHAEFER not only achieves a technological breakthrough but also an unprecedented price/performance ratio. And that is crucial to SSI SCHAEFER: Sustainable innovations with fast return on investment.

  • Over 2000 picks/h
  • Rapid return-on-investment
  • High picking quality
  • Short order processing times
  • Can also be used as a pick & pack cell

The use of SSI Robo-Pick is not limited to the order picking process. SSI Robo-Pick is also ideal for returns handling, for example. This area of logistics is getting ever more important, especially in the mail order business.

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