A channel storage system is the best choice where homogenous pallets can be stored horizontally in channels using an electrically operated orbiter when designing and building a compact warehouse. The electric orbiter runs on a track below the pallet lifting and positions itself to adjacent pallets in the channel.

In comparison to standard racking with one load unit per compartment, channel storage suits warehouse operations that have a high number of homogenous pallets. This is a good alternative to Drive-In racking systems, with choices of either First In First Out (FIFO) or First In Last Out (FILO) systems. Channel Storage Racking is popular in cold storage, where cost of storage is high and density of storage with FIFO options is the preferred storage option. The system offers a cost effective FIFO alternative as compared to Flow rack system.

SSI SCHAEFER has many years of experience in constructing channel storage systems all over the world. From planning through to implementation, we are able to provide complete solutions including in-house steel construction.

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