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Ever since pallets became the standard for storing goods, pallet racking is an essential part in warehouse storage systems in many industries. Every pallet racking supplier might be selling the same systems but SSI SCHAEFER consistently differentiates itself through an outstanding reputation of using only high quality pallet racking; and has been doing so for more than 2 decades in Asia. SSI SCHAEFER pallet racks conform to International Codes of Practice. Our pallet rackings are stable and robust, versatile and expandable, safe and of lasting value. Plenty of reasons for not leaving anything to chance when it comes to purchasing pallet racks.

SSI SCHAEFER, a manufacturer and supplier of pallet racking, is an owner-operated, German company since 1937. The production of pallet racks has always been one of our core competences for several decades. Starting with the Interlock Pallet Racking range in 1989, SSI SCHAEFER Asia now produces an extensive range of racking and shelving products.

Selective pallet racking with security wire mesh fencing, Malaysia
Selective pallet racking with security wire mesh fencing, Malaysia

Types of pallet racking systems we offer:

Wide range of accessories for pallet racking systems

We offer a comprehensive range of pallet racking accessories that serves all applications. They are easily adjustable to your storage requirements. Our range of products includes racking systems with a frame load capacity of up to 30t and a horizontal load capacity of up to 4.5t.

Racking accessories we have:

  • cable drum holders
  • extendable shelves
  • steel mesh decks
  • corner protectors
  • aisle barriers
  • wire mesh panels
  • post protectors

A racking system designed to be the backbone of your integrated storage systems – that’s what we have in mind for you. Our experienced sales representatives recommend the best accessories for your warehouse needs. We provide reliable advice from the start to finish of the project.

Pallet Racking Interlock 600


Rack Inspection & Safety

After the installation, you’re in good hands with SSI SCHAEFER! Call us anytime to have our certified rack inspectors come on site for inspection. Our rack specialists recommend inspections on an annual basis. To add to the longevity of your racking system, we conduct rack safety trainings each year for your warehouse personnel on safety handling. Please contact us for more information.

Racking Spare Parts

Our racking accessories and spare parts can be purchased separately. A spare parts list will be furnished upon request.




SSI SCHAEFER - A strong & reliable partner for your racking needs

Being a strong and reliable partner, we are constantly interested in meeting all your storage and fulfilment needs. Therefore in the years 2000 and beyond, we acquired services like high-rise racking systems, order picking systems and hanging systems. Our Research & Development department also goes in-depth to study the needs of our customers.

Our expertise and experience puts us in the best position to provide our customers with valuable advice and provide efficient solutions for their storage needs. Our competitive advantage lies in delivering a wholesome service: from thoughtful needs-based analysis to superb after-sales service.

Download the Interlock 600 pallet racking catalogue for a basic introduction to SSI SCHAEFER pallet racking systems, accessories, and installation. If you are ready to plan in detail or for quotation requests, our sales representatives will be glad to assist you. Please contact us through the Information & Consulting box at the top right corner or contact us today!

Drive-In Pallet Racking
Drive-In Pallet Racking
Push Back Racking
Pallet Flow Racking
Information and Consulting
Information and Consulting

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