LogiMat® from SSI Schaefer is your all-in-one storage and picking solution! The latest generation of vertical lift with its highly convenient “goods to person” concept sets new standards with regard to performance and ergonomics.

  • LogiTilt - Ergonomics and Efficiency
  • Conveyor tracks towards LogiMAT
LogiMat Lagerlift Außenansicht

Key Benefits of the LogiMat® vertical lift storage:

  • Save up to 80% of storage space in comparison to conventional static storage solutions
  • With its modular design and numerous options, the system is fully adjustable to your individual requirements
  • Logimat can offer varies standard height (min.2475mm with each increment of 75mm till max. 13000mm), 5 standard width (1650mm,2000mm,2500mm,3000mm & 4000mm) and 2 standard depth (650mm & 820mm)
  • With process automation, you will increase order picking speed by a factor of 6 to 10
  • Decrease travel times by more than 70%
  • Minimize order picking errors through computer-controlled processes
  • Achieve an increase in performance of up to 20% thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Reduce costs for energy and storage thanks to its compact design
  • Are you looking for a space saving storage solution?
    • With eight different model widths in two model depths and an available machine height of up to nearly 24 metres LogiMat can be optimised to fit the structural conditions
    • The compact design makes maximum use of the available room height
    • Numerous features such as the variable storage of the trays in a 25 mm grid, the storage strategy with fixed height storage and/or with intelligent height optimisation (IHO) or the flexible tray design with frame and base, allow highly compressed storage in areas where space is minimal
    • The option of storage and retrieval on separate sides, double-sided storage or retrieval on the next floor above or rising from a basement to extend over two floors, and projecting through a ceiling or recessed into a floor – means the vertical lift can be adapted to any situation
    • The LogiMat vertical lift module can be attached to the outside wall of a warehouse, if necessary. This type of installation can minimise the construction costs of warehouse expansion because only the cut-out for the operating opening of the LogiMat needs to be taken into consideration within the existing building
    Vertical Lift LogiMat®: Storage and picking of small parts
    Vertical Lift LogiMat®
    Vertical Lift LogiMat®: Growing on the exterior facade
    Growing on the exterior facade
  • Usage as autonomous system or integrated in your warehouse management
    • The vertical lift can be used as an autonomous system or integrated into a wider storage and picking application
    • The LogiMat is equipped with a standard control (PLC)
    • There is one control option and two software packages based on SSI Schaefer’s warehouse management software, WAMAS®,which is used widely around the world
    • Integration of the LogiMat into an existing ERP system, article management or order processing operation means that every project can be based on a straightforward and reliable solution, individually customised to the requirements of your logistics business processes
    • Operation is easy with a self-explanatory, user-friendly touch panel

    Your benefits:

    • Streamlined warehouse processes (picking and material flow)
    • Elimination of unnecessary work steps
    • Simple integration into existing processes
    • Minimised errors
    • Scalability
    • Intuitive user interface with touch panel
    • Vertical lift LogiMat®: Software Control
    • Vertical lift LogiMat®: Software Configuration
  • Ergonomics, safety and economic efficiency are firmly in focus
    • No expensive additional modules are required as the vertical lift LogiMat is a well-rounded complete solution that offers numerous main functions as standard features
    • Thanks to its modular design, LogiMat is an adaptable solution with high investment security
    • Low-maintenance system thanks to high-quality components and robust design such as gear drive
    • Thanks to three predefined options packages the functionality of the LogiMat can be easily and practically adapted to your requirements with regard to ergonomics, performance and maintenance (all vertical lift options are, of course, also available individually)
    Lagerlift LogiMat® Elevator drive with low-maintenance gear drive
    Elevator drive with low-maintenance gear drive
  • The warehouse principle in brief
    Vertical lift LogiMat – Storage principle
    Vertical lift LogiMat – Storage principle

    A vertical lift is comparable to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays (one in the front and one in the rear).

    Between those stacks operates a lift, which pulls out individual trays as required and delivers them to the service window.

LogiMat im Einsatz



LogiTilt: tilt mechanism for the ergonomic removal of goods
LogiTilt: tilt mechanism for the ergonomic removal of goods
LMB container series: optimized and flexible tray partitioning
LMB container series: optimized and flexible tray partitioning
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