Live carton storage provides high density locations, with products stored on rollers offering “First in first out (FIFO)” case and piece picking.

Operatives can work in picking zones and thus reduce travel time and increase efficiency.

Live Carton Storage (KDR)
IDS Logistics, Malaysia

The purpose of live storage beds is to reduce operative movement in the warehouse and to increase picks per hour by using picking zones. The flow beds can be adjusted to allow adaption to the width and depth. Easy handling is ensured by angled flow bed chutes, guide rails and roller tracks.

Live storage systems were conceived to fit in with the principle of "First in first out", so that it could provide a trouble-free operational sequence on assembly lines.

The flexible frame system makes it possible to design the flow beds with the large range of accessories to solve a variety of storage problems.

Variable heights can be selected with the adjustable beds to suit the item being stored.

Live Storage Systems are characterized by the quick and easy way they can be ergonomically adjusted to fit any individual requirement. The easy slot-in attachment of additional internal cross supports allows to increase the load capacity at any time. For heavy industrial use, roller tracks with steel axles can be used.

Live Carton Storage - Material provision in distribution
IDS Logistics, Malaysia

Material provision in distribution

Live storage systems are a great way to add more efficiency to your distribution. Using these shelves, your staff may order pick directly out of packages or totes. By shortening the routes and making the work less ergonomically challenging, you will lower the burden on your workforce and speed up the processes at the same time. Because the shelves are refilled from the rear, there is no interference between feeding and order picking, thus reducing the likelihood of interruptions of these processes considerably.

Our systems for material provision may be combined with Pick-by-Light technology, making them even more efficient. You will find further details on SSI SCHAEFER’s staging shelves in the Interlock Pallet Racking catalogue. Along with the shelves, we also offer compatible boxes and containers. As a result, you will receive a flexible and practical solution entirely from a single source.


  • High density of picking locations
  • First in first out storage
  • Can be used with pick to light
  • Can be used with conveyors

Most suitable for

  • Distribution warehouses
  • Medium and slow moving products
  • Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics
  • Multimedia

To increase picking speed, Schaefer conveyor systems either depend on gravity or are powered to move picking totes to the next zone or despatch area

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