Littles (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, being the subsidiary of Robinson’s Singapore, needs to expand their Malaysia distribution centre to cope with the increased business volume as Robinsons businesses experience rapid growth in recent years.

Project objectives

  • Implement human-height storage system for hand-pick operations
  • Improve warehouse operations
  • Optimal utilisation of vertical warehouse space to maximise storage capacity

Scope of supply and services

  • Free Standing Mezzanine Platforms with total of 1,264 shelf levels
  • 3-tier Longspan Shelving with Garments Hanging Systems

SSI Schaefer with vast knowledge and experience in designing storage systems was chosen to design and install a highly customised rack system with hanging rails for garment and, pallet and shelving for product in carton and box. SSI Schaefer’s flexible installation plan has enabled Robinsons to relocate the distribution centre on schedule while staying in operations.

The mezzanine structure is divided into two parts with low ceiling efficient air-condition operations on the ground floor for food and beauty products; and 2 floors of ambient storage for hanging and box garment. The symmetrically designed Interlock 600 Long-span shelving system and continuous non obstructed hanging rail with dropped down storage between floors, is an effective and clever used of space that provide flexibilities to reconfigure shelving to hanging rail during expansion. SSI Schaefer’s suspended ceiling design covers air-condition piping and electrical wire creating a clean and tidy environment for food and beauty products.

Steel solid floor plank was chosen as the first floor flooring material to contain cold air within the ground floor air condition facility. While the steel mesh gratings on the second floor facilitates good air circulation within the ambient storage areas.

Each floor is equipped with a working area to handle receiving staging and pre-retailing; and a transfer aisle to facilitate outbound pick consolidation and marshalling of products for delivery operations. Two Loading gates were installed at each floor to enable effective and efficient loading and unloading operations from the mezzanine structure.

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